As good as it gets!

Classic waxless was as good as it gets today! Great glide and great kick. Perfect snow. If it was raining, I didn’t notice- only a drizzle if it is. Only myself and Freight Train Fred on the Lower Loop as of 1 pm. Skate track mostly still virgin!

Fresh snow, fresh groom

New snow and a fresh grooming of the nordic trails should make for beautiful skate and classic skiing today! Eaglecrest grooms the nordic trails every day the ski area is open.

Hard as a Rock

Herring bone tracks from skate skiers on the ungroomed skate track are frozen and even people short for their weight can’t cut through them. Classic track very icy with little grip on waxless skis.Tough sledding till it’s groomed again.

Snowing top to bottom!

Snowing steadily from the bottom to the top of the mountain. Nordic trails groomed for skate and classic. Classic may work best in fresh snow accumulating on tracks.

Come join the fun!

Everyone is skiing at Eaglecrest today so come join the fun! Trails are groomed for skate and classic. Please show your support and appreciation for nordic skiing at Eaglecrest by purchasing a nordic day pass or season pass. Have fun racking up the km’s!

Communi-Ski, Proudly Presented by Valley Medical Care

Imagine you’re driving from Whitehorse to Seattle, ~2,500 kilometers. Now imagine doing it on skis with hundreds of your friends! Join us tomorrow, 9am-3pm on the Eaglecrest Lower Loop for Communi-Ski. Our skiers have pledged to ski 2,000 collectively, which...

2-26-22 Eaglecrest Lower Loop groomed 9:30 am this morning

Eaglecrest Lower Loop groomed 9:30 this morning. Beautiful corduroy. Snow slightly wet but trail in super shape considering. Wax for wet. Come and enjoy the splendor of the Marsh Loop, just across from Guy’s Hill. The whole Lower Loop is now completely...

So nice

Eaglecrest nordic trails are so nice today! Groomed for skate and classic. Clean, smooth and forgiving. Very light snow falling. Breezy on upper loop but no discernible wind on lower loop.
Picture perfect skiing

Picture perfect skiing

It’s a picture perfect day at Eaglecrest! Upper and lower loops fully groomed for skate and classic. Due to cold, firm snow conditions the tracks have a few rough spots in places that should soften as more skiers go around and the sun does it’s...

Eaglecrest should be perfect tomorroe

With cold temps tonight and fresh grooming tomorrow morning, should be great skiing! Off groomed is especially excellent for an adventure. Upper loop/Hilda better for classic, lower food skate or classic.