Mendenhall Campground

The trail leaves from the Skaters Cabin parking lot (Skater’s Cabin Road, Juneau, AK 99801). The terrain is generally flat, with a full loop (skiing all sections) ~3 km. Shorter loops can be skied by cutting out various sections. Skiers with dogs should keep them under control and clean up after them. There is an outhouse next to Skaters Cabin, as well as one or two outhouses open out on the trail (the Forest Service typically marks which ones remain open). Parking is in front of Skaters Cabin, with overflow parking down by the Tolch Rock and West Glacier Trailheads (~.25 and .5 kilometers, respectivelly, continuing to the end of the road). A connector trail back to the Campground parallels the road for ~.5 km. Juneau, AK 99801.


Recent Trail Updates

I Was Drawn

to Montana Creek yesterday with the posting of groomed trail and set tracks. The pristine, undisturbed corduroy ...

Snow countdown

9am. The early skier gets the grooming, & even then bring your gravel skis & prepare to walk some ...
Campground Groomed- 9:30

Campground Groomed- 9:30

Skate is very good and fast. Classic is firm and good. Come.enjoy before it warms up! JT
Campground- Friday Grooming

Campground- Friday Grooming

I will start grooming about 7:30 and it shouldbe ready by 9:30. I will just be doing the skate lane. It should ...

Shaved ice is nice!

Skate, skate, skate. Now that you’ve got a seasons worth of conditioning under your belt, finish it out in style ...


Skate is fast in the shade and starting to soften in the sun. Overall very good. Classic too frozen to set. You ...


Groomed for skate while still hard. Get here before it warms. Classic still good. Some ice areas. Causeway thin ...

campground update Monday 3/18

Was cold enough last night to firm things up. the early bird gets the worm for skate. classic is looking good ...

Groomed at 10am Sunday

Groomed skate, classic is day old but still good. Light rain but skiing is good.

Saturday campground

Newly groomed for skate & classic. No rain, spring like conditions, almost balmly—ski it while the snow is ...


Finished grooming at 9am. Skate is good and fast. Reset classic and it looks good. Light rain so dress ...

Campground Saturday plan

I'll start grooming about 7:30 this morning and should be done about 9:00. JT