North Douglas Pioneer Road

This is a ‘pop-up’ Nordic skiing location, groomed when snow conditions allow. It is a fun, hilly 3.5 mile/5.6km ski to the end of the road (7 miles/11.2km roundtrip). Due to the rough aggregate on this new road, skiers should watch for sharp rocks (and remove them when possible). This trail is accessed just 1/4 mile shy of the end of the North Douglas Highway. The parking area at the gated trailhead is NOT plowed. If you park on the highway, please park as far off to the side as possible. DOG OWNERS BEWARE OF ACTIVE TRAP LINES IN THE AREA!

Recent Trail Updates

Still Skiable

However we are not grooming due to the gravel patches that are hard on the equipment. When we get sufficient snow ...

Holding off due to saturation

You may have noticed a wee bit of liquid from the sky. Apparently +.25" overnight. First concern is to do no ...

In Process

Grooming started around 11. Some thin spots but it should be great.


Grooming will start around 10 AM. Need to wait for the can-am to get back to PR.
fresh groom

fresh groom

fresh skate lane and classic track. good to go! the winds left a bit of debris to be mindful of, the parking ...

New Pair of Corduroys

Able to refresh corduroy but couldn't make another run to do classic track. Snow is soft and getting satuated.

Wait and see

8 am Headed out to see if the trail is groom-able. Will update around noon.


are you reading this when you could be skiing? The P Rd is fantastic with a couple of inches of fresh snow to ...

Sweet Corduroy

Groomed this morning - excellent skiing

Skier & groomer

Reset classic and groomed skate lane . Both great A bit breezy