North Douglas Pioneer Road

This is a ‘pop-up’ Nordic skiing location, groomed when snow conditions allow. It is a fun, hilly 3.5 mile/5.6km ski to the end of the road (7 miles/11.2km roundtrip). Due to the rough aggregate on this new road, skiers should watch for sharp rocks (and remove them when possible). This trail is accessed just 1/4 mile shy of the end of the North Douglas Highway. The parking area at the gated trailhead is NOT plowed. If you park on the highway, please park as far off to the side as possible. DOG OWNERS BEWARE OF ACTIVE TRAP LINES IN THE AREA!

Recent Trail Updates


The conditions are suboptimal - we may be done for the season - and we are continuing to lose snow cover. If we ...

The Old Guy

Electric problems With CanAm wiring. Hopeful that I can get the part in Town tomorrow Feb 13. Classic track looks ...

Skating on thin wet pack

Skier report: enjoyable skating on wet snow, but the snow pack is thin...Translucent in places with occasional ...


Grooming house commenced on Pioneer Road, the parking lot is very dicey.

PR Groomed

Groomed this morning. Getting to be some thin spots as you approach bridge. Could not reset classic track and ...

Pioneer groomed

Pioneer road is freshly groomed and in good condition.

PR Looking Good

Finally groomed, didn't reset classic track but it still looks jn good shape.

On Standby

On Standby, will get out to groom as soon as machine available.

Pioneer Road groomed

Groomed multiple times for skate. Granular surface. No change in classic track set yesterday.

P Road Report

Sounds like the grooming is shaping up pretty smoothly on Pioneer. Skate and classic. The Island Girl


Having to move equipment. Will access if it is groomable around 11. Sorry for the delay.Islandboy

PRd no Grooming Monda

Unable to groom Monday due to equipment problems. On the positive note someone plowed the parking lot - thank ...