We Need Your Help!

If you would like to volunteer to help JNSC complete the following tasks, please fill out the contact form on this page. Descriptions of each type of volunteer work follow:

Valley Trail Groomers

One of JNSC’s most important and most visible functions is to groom the Nordic trails at the Mendenhall Campground and Lake. JNSC is always recruiting for dedicated volunteers to help. JNSC is looking for people who are experienced operating and maintaining machinery, and who take pride in producing a top quality product. If you feel you have the right aptitude, please contact JNSC.

Race Hosts

JNSC is looking for Race Hosts. Hosting is a discrete task that requires obtaining the race box with the bibs, stop watches, trail flags, etc. from the previous race host, preferably a couple days before the event; contacting the facility to insure the tracks will be set before the race; skiing the course before the event to see if there are any complications with the track; and marking of the course start and finish lines. At the start line you register all the participants into the appropriate categories, then start the event and take times for the contestants. If you wish, you can fax the results to the newspaper.

Trail Workers

JNSC brushes the Nordic ski trails in the fall and early winter, repairs trail tread, adds gravel fill, installs culverts, repairs bridges, digs ditches, etc. JNSC is also working locally to participate in the process of identifying and creating additional kilometers to expand Nordic skiing opportunities in the area.

JNSC Board Members

If you are interested in promoting any of the various functions and activities of the club, and you are willing to commit to and champion JNSC board priorities, consider becoming a board or committee member. Much of the JNSC Board effort is spent to maximize the quality and quantity of your skiing. There are a multitude of ways to contribute: spearheading trail improvements, organizing grooming team, promoting memberships, collaborating with Eaglecrest and other groups, applying for grants, sponsoring events, keeping records, and so on.

How Would You Like to Help?

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