Montana Creek Kaxdigoowu Héen

The gated trail starts on Montana Creek Road at the entrance to the outdoor gun range. Ski the city road 0.78 km over the hill and down to the bridge. From the bridge the narrower trail follows Montana Creek gradually uphill for another 2.25 km to the turnaround where you follow the same path down (a tad over 6km roundtrip). Watch out for other skiers! It’s a two-way trail but there is only one skate and one classic lane and the skate lane can be narrow in places.

This serene, heavily-forested trail is suitable for all abilities and offers views of Montana Creek and occasional views of Mt. McGinness and other neighboring peaks. Montana Creek is one of the coldest spots in Juneau and can have the longest skiable season: December through April and beyond. Skiers with dogs should keep them under control and clean up after them. A permanent outhouse is available at the city-owned rifle range. Although encounters with ATVs and snow machines are historically very rare, be aware as you may encounter off-highway vehicles day or night. Parking is in the pullout before the gun range entrance, 1.4 miles down Montana Creek Road (5784 Montana Creek Road, Juneau, AK 99801).

Recent Trail Updates

Montana Cr – Monday Grooming

Montana Cr – Monday Grooming

Monday will probably be the last day grooming for Montana Cr. this season (sorry about crying wolf last week). I ...

Montana Cr – Tuesday Grooming

Tiesdat will probably be the last day grooming for Montana Cr. I should be finished grooming by 8:30 Tuesday. ...

Still Skiable

Lots of pine needles but still skiable. If you stop at the end for a minute, you will hear a chorus of hooters ...

Montana Cr Grooming

Montana Cr will be groomed for skate Saturday and Sunday. That could end it or it could go a couple more days ...


Don just groomed and it is good firm skate skiing all the way from the parking lot. Have a great summer.

Montana Cr. Grooming Ended

Thursday, April 14, Grooming has ended for the season at Montana Cr. What a great ski season it has been! JT


There is a lot of debris on the trail after the winds yesterday, especially the upper portion. Made several passes ...

Montana Cr. Tuesday Grooming

Brian will be grooming about 9:00 this morning and should be finished about 10:00 or so. The classic track will be ...


I plan on sprucing up Montana Creek starting around 9 AM.
Montana Cr Groomed Monday

Montana Cr Groomed Monday

Chris finished grooming the skate lane about 9 this morning. Too frozen to reset classic. Fast conditions. ...