Trail Etiquette

Happily existing with Skiers, Dogs, and Snowshoers on Groomed Ski Trails

The JNSC grooms trails for skiers and snowshoers. Walkers please use other trails in Juneau during the ski season (November-April) or if need be please stay far to the side of the trail outside the classic tracks. Snowshoers, please stay to the side of the the trails. Uphill skiers, please yield to faster downhillers if possible.

The JNSC Board receives many website comments and questions regarding dogs on the trails. Consider these ‘Best Practices’ for multiple users:

  • Greet other trail users with courtesy and pass with care.
  • Keep dogs under voice control or on a leash. Some people are afraid of dogs or don’t want to crash into dogs. 
  • Dog owners please bag the poop and dispose it. Poop on the trail is gross for groomers and skiers (no brown wax).

Ski trails are groomed by local volunteers. 87% of membership dollars fund grooming expenses. If you’re a regular winter trail user please join.