It was rolled

Rangers rolled the campground on Tuesday and said they would set a ginzu track on Wednesday.


Stayed the night at Marten Cabin, was like we had fresh tracks the entire time we were out there! Classic and skate great in campground, loop behind Meth Camp fun! Sunny, no wind. Was a cool 9 degrees when we left around 11:30 this morning. Worth the weekend...


Eagle Beach campground still great today. State Parks did a nice job of grooming. Forest trial (classic only) is sweet

Worth the Drive…

Drove out to Eagle Beach yesterday. It is groomed for skate and classic – good conditions for both – followed a skier’s classic track under the bridge and around the loop across the street…


State Parks groomed main trial and set classic track. A bit sketchy under tree canopies but otherwise nice snow. Thanks for grooming!


Here’s the report from Brad with State Parks. He rolled and compacted about 5 inches of new snow. Snow cover is too thin for Ginzu. No classic track set but trails are ski-able.