Spaulding is prime for crust cruising

Spaulding meadows had perfect crust cruising conditions yesterday. The Spaulding trail is frozen and firm. Only grippers needed for the hike up. Skate skiing was excellent all over the meadows. Get up there early for best conditions. Happy Spring!

Peterson Lake trail

Soft, wet squishy snow with many a bare spot, only skied into the first meadow and turned around d due to wet extremities.

Treadwell Ditch has outstanding snow cover – fora change!

Back country skiing on Treadwell yesterday from Blueberry Hills parking lot towards Nielsen Çreek. A fluffy smooth, two feet of light stuff on the trail, and been brushed of any overhanging brush/trees all the way to Nielsen Ck. Best conditions I can remember in...

Spaulding is still great

Spaulding to Peterson traverse was firm and sweet yesterday. Walked to the meadows below Muir cabin then skied to within about a mile of the Peterson trailhead.

Salmon Creek is groomed

Walk up past the water tank and the grooming starts at the end of the plowed road. Rolled it yesterday and it’s decent for classic, a bit narrow and chunky for skating, but today’s new snow will help. Should get set again later this afternoon.

Follow the blazes- John Muir to Peterson

Follow the blue blazes (diamonds) down to Peterson Lake instead of the packed trail that leads to creek skiing and bush whacking. They divert below the steepest hill ~1/2 mile after making the turn away from Auke Mountain. The 2 miles of forest trail below Peterson...

Spaulding ankle tearing crust!

Took a few future Olympians up Spaulding to celebrate the eve of Elizabeth Peratrovich Day. Watch out outside of the well packed track, that crust will nip at your ankles! Thankful for light clouds and snow-tracked hearts…

Campground groomed

Mon morn groomed skate & classic as well as trail across the road. It’s brisk but snow & skiing are great! Dress warmly.

Spaulding report – quite nice

On Sunday the meadows were amazing with 6″ of soft powder atop the old crust from days gone by. Since then we’ve had rain down low but the meadows may still be great.

Spaulding Meadows

Skied on Sunday and there was plenty of snow once you get out of the trees. Had to hike skis up from the John Muir parking lot. Should be great fun with all this new snow!

Dike trail and wetlands

Ha, the dike trail has enough packed snow to get you to the wetlands where the wide open greets you with an inch of snow. The snow is heavy enough for a good glide without sticks or rocks, and the patchy fog made for a dreamy ski…

Dan Moller Creaminess

There is still 4′ of snow at the cabin. The bowl has lots turns available either in the wet cream or or firmer areas where the snow machines have packed the slopes. Many avalanches have run on the steep slopes of the headwall. Nothing has run on the moderate...

Silky Spaulding

Lake creek trail to Spaulding Meadows was wonderful today. Use your spikes up until the Meadows then strap on some boards for amazing strides.