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The JNSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
100-135 days of grooming provided each winter.
Our volunteer-driven, highly dedicated grooming crew keeps our trails immaculate whenever snow is on the ground.
Grooming locations include the Mendenhall Lake and Campground, Montana Creek Road, Pioneer Road, Salmon Creek Road, and in partnership with Eaglecrest Ski Area to extend the ski season beyond their normal operating schedule. Additional “pop up” ski locations have included places like Dredge Lake Trails and Amalga Meadows!
The JNSC also hosts a variety of races, clinics, and events throughout the year.

All users of our trails (skiers, walkers, snowshoers, fat bikers, dog walkers) are invited to consider the value of regularly groomed winter trails, programs for youth and adults, and the development of new ski trails, and make a contribution that matches

Our ski trails are more than just groomed snow. We take care of ourselves, nourish our friendships, and raise our families on them. We sweat, scavenge for clues, follow luminarias, dress in wacky costumes, race, decompress, and let loose. The JNSC gets 100+ youth and dozens more adults out on more than 30 kilometers of freshly maintained trails throughout the borough each and every winter. And all of this happens because of members like you!

A donation of any amount means you’re a member for a year. 

And you’re always welcome to donate again if and when you like. We also encourage you to consider turning your membership into a recurring gift–then you won’t worry about forgetting to give next year!

Or, if you’re like us and still bust out the wood and slap on some pine tar, you can always download our paper membership form and mail your payment to PO Box 21262 Juneau, AK 998902.

Thank you for helping get more people on skis, more often, on more groomed kilometers!

Male skier pulling a child on a sled

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