The Juneau Nordic Ski Club’s Stewardship Fund

Do you, your family and friends enjoy the ski trails groomed by the Juneau Nordic Ski Club? Do you want to ensure your future enjoyment? Do you want the JNSC to continue to add kilometers of groomed cross country ski trails? The JNSC established an endowment, our Stewardship Fund, to do just this: ensure cross country skiing continues in Juneau in perpetuity. 

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With a gift beyond your annual membership dues our Stewardship Fund, you can make a contribution to the future of cross country skiing in Juneau. The JNSC established the stewardship fund in collaboration with the Juneau Community Foundation to ensure financial sustainability for cross country skiing in Alaska’s Capital City. Annual interest earnings on principal from the stewardship fund will support and help sustain JNSC grooming operations while adding kilometers of groomed ski trails to our local network.

Our goal is to establish this fund with $100,000 goal by April 2022. Please consider joining a core group of donors to seed this fund. There is no upper limit to donating and any amount will help us reach this seed funding goal.

There are many options to consider for making a significant gift now:

  • Donate on our website;
  • Donate through the Juneau Community Foundation’s JNSC Stewardship Fund HERE.
  • Via check, mailed to PO Box 21262 Juneau, AK 99802, with a note designating the gift to the “Stewardship Fund” or “Endowment”;
  • Providing a gift directly to from your retirement plan (this includes required minimum distributions (RMDs) if you are 70½ or older;
  • Donation of stock – the full amount dedicated to support JNSC;
  • Or consider a planned gift, such as a bequest in your will or naming the JNSC as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or retirement account.

If you wish to contribute, or understand more fully the options contact us at or Amy Skilbred at the Juneau Community Foundation at 907-523-5450 or

With your gift, the JNSC will be grooming and developing cross country ski trails for many years to come. Your donation will build the JNSC Stewardship Fund and help ensure long term sustainability. Your investment today directly supports the JNSC mission to ‘put more people on skis more often on more kilometers’ through stellar grooming, equipment upkeep, trail development, and youth ski programs.