Roadside assistance and Applesauce

Grooming was delayed slightly as Juneau’s Good Samaritan Snow Law was tested. The verdict in Bolt v. Subaru: Bolt prevails. The Bolt was able to ‘slingshot’ the hapless high centered Suby back onto the roadway. It only took about 30 minutes for the...

MLK Day Plan for PR

Hopes versus reality. Either way, fresh track 1100, or hopefully sooner, so you all can make the most of your day. My concern is the predicted freezing fog. No one wants a set ice track, let alone the groomer spending hours on it. My hope is that the fog patches will...
Tasty PR!

Tasty PR!

FYI- there is a new set classic track.  It starts a couple hundred meters up the first hill.   Don’t be fooled by the short section at the bottom, on the opposite side.  That was a short test strip. Feast while you...

PR update

Finished grooming Skate and Classic. Classic line a little ragged. Parking lot still for truck only but plenty room on road for cars.

Wednesday Grooming Plan

Hey also you intrepid skiers. The P Rd was excellent skate skiing Tuesday. It will not be groomed tomorrow (Wednesday) to let some of the water drain. I don’t know about you, but I’m headed out there tomorrow for a rip on that fast snow. The plan is to...

Warm, Wet, and FAST

Finished grooming for skate and classic. It is a little soft, but should be super fast with pink wax on your skate skis. The classic track is good too – recommend no wax skis. Be careful N. Douglas Hwy is slippery.

Wet and Skiable

Made 6 round trips machine packing and rolling. It is not the best, but it is a start on getting this dump of snow and rain packed out. No classic track set. Hopefully we will be able to get the ginzu out tomorrow to smooth out all the bumps. Suggest non waxable...

P Rd Plan

Tomorrow morning weather permitting I will attempt to machine pack the road. Any further grooming will depend on conditions. In any case it will be a classic ski