Grooming in process

Grooming is in process this morning. It was soft yesterday after the groom and I expect today’s efforts will result in a firmer surface. While the coverage is thin there were no rocks showing.

Shoveling, Moving, Groominging

The two volunteers are digging out, then moving equipment, and then hopefully grooming. Will not be done before 12. FYI we were down to a bare road two days ago so not sure if this snow will give us adequate coverage. We will do our best but beware of potential rocks....

Soft and wet

We ‘skied’ close to the high point but it felt more like backcountry skiing. There is a bare spot that is getting melted out by the rain, the usual spot near the top. We didn’t venture past. There are some big gusts. Snow depth is 3-4″ and...

Pioneer is okay!

Maybe not groomed to perfection before the equipment failure, but the entire way is groomed for skate and the classic track seems fine the entire way too. The corduroy is a bit roughed up from equipment tracks, but not horrible.

Not Sure – Yet

Will be checking out the trail after it gets light to determine if it is groomable – this rain could be problematic. If it is groomed it should be done around 12


After 6hrs of machine packing with just the tracks Rich was able to start grooming with the ginzu. The snow is challenging so the groom is below our normal standards – MUCH better than yesterday:) Islandboy

Okay almost show time

Well the highway is now plowed wide enough to be able to park – the parking lot is a no go unless you are a tracked vehicle. Spent 3hrs tonight track packing using only a CanAm. The final track packing will start early in the morning so normal grooming can...

Wednesday Plan

We will have two machines out there track packing starting around 0900. The snow is deep and it will probably not be until Thursday before there is corduroy. Great touring conditions


We have another new Groomer – Dan Robinson! It was an epic day to learn grooming. lots of fluffy snow that is falling so fast the corduroy disappears almost immediately. We could not keep up. It is set for classic and skate. Recommend classic as it is soft and...