Groomed for skate and classic to the halfway point. 1″ of soft corn snow over firm base. Fast skating. Classic track is in ok shape

Friday Grooming TBD

Well….according to NWS it is going to be a very wet 24hrs. I will look at it in the morning, but my assessment at this point in time is it will be too wet to run a machine. The skiing will probably be ok in Grundens. Hey dog owners if you can keep your canine...

Make an Evening Ski Plan

Morning grooming completed at 1030. Snowing at a moderate rate. Skate lane set. It is firm and fast with a little fluff on top. Classic track was not resettable as it was still frozen. Evening Plan – grab your headlamp and come out for an evening ski – it...

Grooming this Morning

Getting a late start, but the skiing is amazing for skating – nice a firm and super fast. Classic track is not resettable as it is frozen in – it should good tomorrow if we get the forecasted snow.

PR Early Groom

I can’t see around corners, but looking good from downtown regarding fog. It is 0730, and heading out shortly. The plan is for both new classic and skate. Enjoy the gorgeous day. “Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not...