Pioneer Rd Update

As of 2/19 the Pioneer Rd consisted of 1/3 gravel, 1/3 ice, and 1/3 icy snow. The 2″ of snow we just received was not enough to allow grooming. We need at a minimum several more inches

Grooming plan for the week 2/7-2/15

We are taking advantage of the wet weather and low snow to pull our machine for a midseason servicing. Hopefully early next week we will have some new snow and the machine ready. Skiing is still good out there as of today.

Softish and Wetish

Don’t believe a word of it. You are made of sugar, and you will melt if you stay out too long in the rain. It nearly happened to the groomer and the trail boss this weekend. 7 trips out and back to pack al that snow. And that was just to pack it down. Then the...

P Rd Plan for Saturday

Plan on starting very early. I expect it is going to be very fast skating and decent classic skiing. And just a reminder if it is raining all that is going to happen is you are going to get wet 🙂 Plan on coming out to the Island and ripping around before the rain...

Big day grooming on the P Rd

It took 6hrs and two groomers to make it happen today. Doug starting it off with 7round trips with just the machine track packing the deep heavy snow. He handed off to Wayne who made 3round trips with the ginzu compacting and leveling Doug’s work. Did not set a...

Thursday Morning PR Groom

Classic track set. Shallow spots have filled in nicely, groomed all way to the end with no rocks showing. Snowing lightly. Advise you to park on side of road and avoid parking lot unless you have a truck.


Rolled to the end of the road. Soft with some rocks after the halfway point (rock pit). Snow is a bit weird, but will be good classic touring

Pioneer skiing!

10 am Sat. Pioneer skiing on the Pioneer road! Groomed for skate & classic (& walking), but only for approximately one mile, due to large icy & bare sections on road. Sm. Log barrier at turnaround. Lightly raining & breezy, nice out!
PR photo and pups

PR photo and pups

I prefer our four legged friends to most two legged. PLEASE keep in mind that when temps are this warm, big paws chew up the track very quickly AND are very hard to repair when grooming henceforth. Use thoughtfulness and logic when choosing where to take your four...