The conditions are suboptimal – we may be done for the season – and we are continuing to lose snow cover. If we get a dump the grooming crew will snap into action. islandboy

The Old Guy

Electric problems With CanAm wiring. Hopeful that I can get the part in Town tomorrow Feb 13. Classic track looks OK but will be soft.

PR Groomed

Groomed this morning. Getting to be some thin spots as you approach bridge. Could not reset classic track and noticed some bare patches. Parking lot is very slippery, use caution.


Well new groomer Karl Jensen and I spent 5.5hrs grooming and we could not keep up. Not the best groom for skate as it is a bit soft and deep. Classic track is also soft, but it turned out great. Have Fun! Islandboy

Grooming commencing around 0745

Doing Groomer training this morning. Depending on how this new snow compacts grooming should be completed around 1030. Yesterday there were a couple rocks showing in the ski trail, but with the new snow they should be covered. Drink your morning beverage, wax your...