Grooming was delayed slightly as Juneau’s Good Samaritan Snow Law was tested. The verdict in Bolt v. Subaru: Bolt prevails. The Bolt was able to ‘slingshot’ the hapless high centered Suby back onto the roadway. It only took about 30 minutes for the Groomer to dig the Ginzu into a deep pit at the ‘convenient’ far end of the road. Fortunately help was on the way. Grooming intern L. Kulm showed up and with some judicious winching, the Ginzu was free! The track was repaired and a finishing coat of Corduroy was applied. Applesauce, you say? It sounds like it would be bad for skiing, but it was not, it was really good. Soft, sweet, fast and wet. Plus: sea-lions near the boat ramp for the win!