Backcountry Conditions

Popular backcountry skiing areas include Spaulding Meadows and the Dan Moller bowl. Spaulding Meadows has an endless amount of low-angle touring accessed from the Lake Creek Trail near UAS housing (beware of snow machines when the snow is deep enough for their access) and both the Auk Nu/Spaulding trails. Know your backcountry navigation especially in Spaulding Meadows because when the clouds descend orienting could be difficult.

The Dan Moller bowl is the old ski area before Eaglecrest was built in the 1970s. Dan Moller is accessed in West Juneau either from the lower footpath on Pioneer Ave. or the snow machine access for the Treadwell Ditch Trail at the upper end of Jackson Road. The Dan Moller trail crosses numerous snow avalanche paths so know the conditions and be prepared before you go. The glades in the cabin vicinity offer great backcountry skiing with the upper slopes in the bowl steeper with greater avalanche potential. Climbing skins are necessary for the glades and the bowl, but scales can be sufficient up until that point. Beware of snow machines when the snow is deep enough for their access.

Trail Etiquette

  • Skate skiers, please skate in the skate lane
  • Classic skiers, ski in the set classic tracks and not in the skate lane (leaves ruts).
  • Walkers / Snowshoers, walk to the side of the trails opposite the set classic tracks.
  • Dog Owners, control your dogs and pick up the scat. Please, no dogs on the groomed trails at Eaglecrest
  • Groomers often work at night. Please do not ski on the groomed tracks until the following morning as they are setting the tracks up for all to enjoy. Skiing on them before they have a chance to setup leaves ruts for the next skier.
  • Show courtesy for all and share the trails.

Recent Trail Updates

Spaulding Meadows

Skied on Sunday and there was plenty of snow once you get out of the trees. Had to hike skis up from the John Muir ...

Dike trail and wetlands

Ha, the dike trail has enough packed snow to get you to the wetlands where the wide open greets you with an inch ...

Dan Moller Creaminess

There is still 4' of snow at the cabin. The bowl has lots turns available either in the wet cream or or firmer ...

Silky Spaulding

Lake creek trail to Spaulding Meadows was wonderful today. Use your spikes up until the Meadows then strap on some ...

Spaulding Sweetness

On Friday, the Lake Creek Trail is skiable from the trailhead (with skins). The meadows are awesome. Southern ...

Dan Moller Nov 4th

Dan Moller bowl was great for backcountry skiing. There was 4" of fluff on a very firm base. The meadows in the ...
Spaulding Sunny skiing

Spaulding Sunny skiing

Beautiful! Not good enough for crust skating but a lovely place to tromp around in the fresh pure air and sunshine!

Spaulding Meadows is really great

Hiked up to the first big Spaulding meadow then skied across and down to the cabin, then out the cabin trail. The ...

John Muir- Peterson traverse

The traverse on 2/17 was excellent with deep snow. Twelve people packed most of the trail between the two cabins. ...

Dan Moller Bliss

The backcountry was phenomenal and only 1 snow machine Friday. Great powder. The run down was soft with lots of ...

ski to the Spaulding parking lot!

There's a foot of powder up there, tracked pretty well not only up to the cabin but also across to the upper ...