The Juneau Nordic Ski Club is excited to again sponsor the Ski O’Caching event. This 5 week long event is for individuals, friends and families that will run January 7th – February 11th. Ski O’caching, a cross between geocaching and orienteering, on cross country ski trails, posts clues near a groomed trail and you locate and note the clue for submittal as a sentence by February 11. Snow conditions permitting, a variety of Nordic ski trails will be utilized. Registered JNSC Ski O’caching participants will receive GPS coordinates each Friday to be used to find the location of a word. Each clue is part of a specific six-word sentence.  The clues will remain in place for the entire duration of the event so jump in anytime! At the end of the 5-weeks, using all 5 clues, contestants submit their best guess as to the intended sentence by February 11, 2022. Correct entries will be entered in the virtual ‘wheel of fortune’ drawing for one of several great prizes! Register anytime at to become a JNSC member and join the hunt.
Weekly GPS coordinates will be sent Friday mornings to your email provided during registration. The first coordinates set will be revealed January 7th and the last on February 4. To be eligible for the drawing, participants must email their entries (one per household) to skiocaching@gmail.comno later than February 11th. Please use ‘Sentence’ in the subject line.  To register at any time, send your full name, the email address where clues and rules should be sent, and your phone number to “” . Please type “Register for the Ski-O-Caching Event” in the subject line. This is also the best address to send Ski-O-Caching event related questions and comments.