The City and Borough of Juneau, in partnership with the US Forest Service and several Alaska department agencies, have completed a draft master plan for the Montana Creek valley and watershed area. The project home page can be found here and draft master plans can be found here.

Public comment is being received by the CBJ Parks and Recreation department through 5pm on September 10th. This is yet another opportunity for Juneau residents to voice support for enhanced ski opportunities in the Spaulding Meadow and Montana Creek Valley drainage areas.

The JNSC Board of Directors thanks Michele Elfers and the CBJ Parks and Recreation staff for coordinating this effort and is encouraging Juneau skiers to submit their comments in support of increasing the proposed Nordic ski trail development as presented in the current draft Montana Creek Master Plan. Additional ski trails will connect and add kilometers, alleviate congestion, and enhance skier experiences. Additionally, the development of nordic ski trails will also benefit multi-season, multi-sport users such as hikers, bikers, campers, and bird watchers.

Comments can be submitted to and are due by 5pm on September 10th.

To read the JNSC Board’s full response to this draft plan, please click here. In short, the JNSC Board is advocating for:

  • Trails built wide enough to accommodate ski grooming equipment;
  • New Nordic skiing/hiking/biking trails developed in the Montana Creek and McGuiness Valley;
  • Upgrading the Montana Creek to Windfall Lake trail to accommodate ski grooming in the winter;
  • Enhanced/new ski trails and routes in Spaulding Meadow;
  • Interconnected trails linking the Mendenhall Campground and West Glacier area to the Montana Creek valley on up to Spaulding Meadow. Wouldn’t it be amazing to ski from the Campground to Auk Mountain without ever having to kick your skis off!?

Again, thank you to everyone who has put work into this draft plan, and thanks to the many who have, and will, comment in support of Nordic trail development in Juneau. Thank you for your advocacy!

~The JNSC Board