North Douglas Pioneer Road

This is a ‘pop-up’ Nordic skiing location, groomed when snow conditions allow. It is a fun, hilly 3.5 mile/5.6km ski to the end of the road (7 miles/11.2km roundtrip). Due to the rough aggregate on this new road, skiers should watch for sharp rocks (and remove them when possible). This trail is accessed just 1/4 mile shy of the end of the North Douglas Highway. The parking area at the gated trailhead is NOT plowed. If you park on the highway, please park as far off to the side as possible. DOG OWNERS BEWARE OF ACTIVE TRAP LINES IN THE AREA!

Recent Trail Updates

PR photo and pups

PR photo and pups

I prefer our four legged friends to most two legged. PLEASE keep in mind that when temps are this warm, big paws ...

Beyond Expectations!

Somehow it was stiff enough that I could lay a classic track that was beyond any hope I had. Get it while it is fresh!

PR Road Today

Stuart here- Heading out the door, and sadly temperatures rose last night. Setting new classic was already quite ...

Thursday Plan for PR

Stuart here- FYI- in case you do not already know, the trail is only being groomed +/-1/2 way, to the unbridged ...

Pioneer is good

John S. reports it's groomed for skate and classic and is a little soft but good and it's NOT raining!!

It is not raining!

Skate lane is being refreshed out to the halfway point - done around 1100. It should be super fast skating and ...


Groomed for skate and classic to the halfway point. 1" of soft corn snow over firm base. Fast skating. Classic ...

Headed out to groom

Headed out shortly to start grooming. Only going to the halfway point until we get snow to fill in the creek crossing.

PR Fresh Pressed Corduroy

Voted 'best dressed' PR got a new classic look as well. Beyond the washout: no grooming for you.

You are not made of sugar

Groomed for skate and classic out to the temporary bridge. It turned out good and looks very fast. Get your gear ...

Giving it a look

Headed out to access the conditions. Pretty pessimistic looking out the window. Will update report when I return.

No Grooming Today

Not grooming today due to the rain saturated snow. Hopefully tomorrow.........