Youth Program: Registration Fee

Our Junior Nordic activity fee is set at $75 for the season.

Our Middle and High School Team Fees are offered on a sliding scale: $0 – $400 (middle school) or $0 – $600 (high school), whatever is affordable for each family, no questions asked. If you would like to setup a payment plan for your team fee, please contact coach Tristan at

Your fees help cover ski club memberships, trail fees, coaching stipends, local team retreats, races and events, ski wax, race suits, guest coaches, and all the many associated costs that go into running our program. While the true cost of our programs are roughly $700/athlete (middle school) and more than $1,000/athlete (high school), our priority is building a team of young and eager skiers, regardless of ability to pay. To that end, we write grants and conduct effort-based team fundraising to fill the gap between team fees and remaining program costs. Middle and High School racers may also incur a gear rental fee and some additional travel costs for away races, but if any of these present barriers we prioritize affordability over full payment.

No one is denied participation based on ability to pay, which is why we have implemented a sliding activity fee as well as the option to pay your chosen fee in installments. Additionally, CBJ is offering two scholarship opportunities per youth in Juneau to offset the cost of activity participation: one for youth activity fees plus another for an activity’s gear/equipment requirements. Both can easily be applied for on the city’s Zach Gordon Youth Center website:

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