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October 3rd – Brushing Volunteers Needed!

Calling All friends of Pioneer Road trail fun! Your assistance is needed to quell the summer alder growth along the sides of this trail. October ...

Did you notice we have a new website?

We've quietly upgraded our website for a fresher, cleaner, more user-friendly experience. We're still working out some kinks as we anxiously ...

Sign up for our youth ski programs!

Registration for the Juneau Nordic Ski Team's middle and high school teams and Sunday Junior Nordic program opens Wednesday, September 22! ...

This is Lingít Aaní

Our trails wind through Lingít Aaní. Gunalchéesh to the T’aaḵu Kwáan and A’akw Kwáan, people who have inhabited and cared for the lands within and around Anax Yaat Andagan Yé (Douglas) and Dzantik’i Héeni (Juneau) since time immemorial. We invite you to join us in using the traditional names of the places we stride, alongside a commitment to better understanding the rich and complex history of this place we call home. Ski respectfully. Gunalchéesh.

Latest Trail Conditions

Friendly Reminders While Sharing Our Trails

Skate Skiers Please skate in the skate lane.
Classic Skiers Ski in the set classic tracks and not in the skate lane (leaves ruts when snow is wet and then freezes).
Walkers & Snowshoers Please walk to the side of the trails opposite the set classic tracks.
Dogs Keep your owners close and under control, have them pick up and dispose of your scat, and remind them to deck you out in reflectors and/or lights at night! Please, no dogs on the groomed trails at Eaglecrest.
Groomers can be at work on the trails at any time and often work at night and early morning. Please watch out for them, give way to let them pass, and don’t forget to say, “thank you!”
Say “Hello!” to your fellow skiers as you pass by. Show courtesy for all and share the trails.

Our mission is to enhance, develop and promote Nordic skiing in Juneau.

Your membership helps do just that. Please consider supporting Juneau’s cross-country ski trails this winter by becoming a member, renewing your membership, and even making an additional tax-deducatable donation on top of your membership. Membership dollars cover 98% of operation expenses to replace, repair and upgrade grooming equipment annually. Help keep the grooming going! JNSC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit.

To help protect our members and the larger community against COVID-19:

It is encouraged to wear a buff or other multi-functional face covering that can be pulled over one’s nose and mouth if it is necessary to pass people on ski trails and there is no opportunity to keep 6 feet of separation. We also encourage the use of cloth face coverings before and after skiing while interacting with skiers and other trail users. The same effort should be made if a skier is coming towards you on the same trail.

We recommend that all participants bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in order to remain safe if using restroom facilities.