Montana Crk Bridge Update

Unfortunately, the current bridge across Montana Creek has been closed to any and all traffic (foot or otherwise) until a replacement bridge is installed. Thanks to the responsiveness of Alaska DOT staff, the JNSC board is working to install a temporary solution for...
Montana Cr – Monday Grooming

Montana Cr – Monday Grooming

Monday will probably be the last day grooming for Montana Cr. this season (sorry about crying wolf last week). I should be finished grooming by 8:30 Monday. Should be decent skiing again as it’s supposed to freeze tonight....

Montana Cr Grooming

Montana Cr will be groomed for skate Saturday and Sunday. That could end it or it could go a couple more days beyond the weekend. Check back. I will groom Saturday morning and will be done by 9:00. Best skiing will be before 11. JT


There is a lot of debris on the trail after the winds yesterday, especially the upper portion. Made several passes and I did end up resetting the classic track in order to get some debris away. Be careful on the downhills. Otherwise conditions are good, sun is out and...

MC Saturday April 9

Froze pretty good up here last night. Once we get all the hoof marks out, skate will be great for a few hours. Firm and fist. Will hit the classic once it softens up some. It’s not bad right now.