MCG – Monday 3/29 Ooh La La

Actually snuck out and set the classic Sunday night. It looks great. It’s probably gonna freeze good back there. So, give it time to warm up, just a little. Also smoothed out the skate. Should be out there by 7-30 8 to polish it off. Didn’t look like a lot of human...
Campground- Sunday ski report

Campground- Sunday ski report

Jeff did a fine job smoothing out the skate lane. Very nice fast corny snow—and beautiful spring weather. Juncos and Robin’s are singing. Classic track was not reset and is only fair, some ice....

MCG Thursday 3/24

Classic set. Polishing off the skate lanes. It was 32 here earlier. So it’s firm fir awhile. It’s really a nice day back here. Get it while you can!

Excellent Tracks

Yes – the tracks were great with just a few very light rain drops. My personal thanks to the groomers for setting all the side loops. Just like a wonderful meal – the sides are a treat.