I Was Drawn

to Montana Creek yesterday with the posting of groomed trail and set tracks. The pristine, undisturbed corduroy trail and immaculate set tracks kept me there. Okay, got a little wet – very light rain and 33 degrees at the trail termination. But oh my, what a...

Snow countdown

9am. The early skier gets the grooming, & even then bring your gravel skis & prepare to walk some sections. Skating is best, classic track comes & goes, but it’s beautiful so ski it while you can.
Campground- Friday Grooming

Campground- Friday Grooming

I will start grooming about 7:30 and it shouldbe ready by 9:30. I will just be doing the skate lane. It should end up nice and fast. I will probably just groom the two loops and back too the beginning gate. Most of the section by the bench and another 20′...

Shaved ice is nice!

Skate, skate, skate. Now that you’ve got a seasons worth of conditioning under your belt, finish it out in style on this fast track. Maybe a personal best time? Oh, wait, there is that patch of asphalt near the bench. Oops. Couldn’t do much with the classic tracks so...


Skate is fast in the shade and starting to soften in the sun. Overall very good. Classic too frozen to set. You need to take off your skis at the usual spot by the bench....


Groomed for skate while still hard. Get here before it warms. Classic still good. Some ice areas. Causeway thin ice some gravel. BF