Eaglecrest lower loop

I neglected to mention that EC was able to groom more of the lower loop this morning, adding in Guy’s loop (interval hill) and the full meadow route with inner and outer loops connected. Just one week ago we had bare ground in places so it’s great to see the progress...

ski to the Spaulding parking lot!

There’s a foot of powder up there, tracked pretty well not only up to the cabin but also across to the upper meadow then down. I skied all the way to the parking lot, a rare opportunity.

Grooming Finished

As of high noon Peter finished grooming for skate and classic. Thanks Peter!!! Blow off the game and go skiing. You will definitely feel better.

Am I seeing Double?

Yes you are, many of the trails are getting the business twice a day, just to keep up with all the snowfall. Temp 23 this morning at 7am. Barring equipment breakdowns, Kaxdigoowu has a brillant new track set. Right Now! If you aren’t a joiner, we understand,...