End of Season Race Finale – Saturday March 29th 12 noon

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It’s time for the end of the season Nordic ski race finale!

Saturday, March 29th
Eaglecrest Upper Loop
Skate Relay Race – Distances TBD

Race starts at 12 noon at the start of the Upper Loop.
The trail from the lower loop to trickster is groomed.

All are welcome – no registration necessary – costumers required!
Theme is loud colors & crazy costumes.
Prizes for the best costumes! Individual or group costumes.

Bring a snack to share for the post race celebration.

Race Captain – Tim with help from Merry. Call 209-0442 with questions.

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The Skiers’ Secret

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Over the years, but especially this unpredictable ski season, I have been struck by how often I hear the comment, “There’s probably no snow left on the ski tracks.” True, we have seen our share of squirrelly weather this winter so far, with a fickle mix of rain, snow and whatever the weather gods can dish out except for sunshine. Even so, I always respond that it’s worthwhile heading out and checking the trails, since it’s pretty amazing how well they retain their snowpack. Indeed, the skiing has been nothing short of great this year ever since early November.

Montana Creek trail

Skiing down the Montana Creek trail

Today that dictum was reinforced again, as I left downtown under torrents of horizontal rain with some trepidation to head out skiing. I knew my chances of encountering snowflakes instead of raindrops were pretty good if I headed up to Eaglecrest, where the Lower Loop is around 1100′ above sea level. And I also knew the campground loop would be immaculately groomed, since the JNSC volunteer groomers are always on top of those trails whenever they need a touch-up. I also seriously considered the Eagle Beach campground trails, which I’d read on the JNSC website’s Trail Conditions Forum were just expanded a couple of days ago to the east side of the highway, around the Methodist Camp, but I wasn’t too sure what shape the highways would be in for the drive out there. At the urging of my ski partner, we decided to head to Montana Creek. On the Back Loop, the rain turned to snow, and up the Montana Creek trail, we entered a gorgeous winter wonderland. What a beautiful trail and a pleasant outing on our classic skis!

Yesterday was similar, when I drove to the campground for skate skiing. It had been raining for a few days, with very little snow left on the ground. Temperatures had dropped below freezing, conjuring up visions of a hard and icy track. But never fear — the club’s Ginzu Groomer had churned the surface of the trail up into a soft layer of fine granular crystals, producing really fun and fast conditions.

So now I’m reflecting on the terrific variety of nordic ski options we’ve been developing in the Juneau area over the past few years. These four diverse locations, each with different conditions and terrain, and each with outstanding beauty, offer us an array of delightful choices. And when temperatures inevitably drop again and the Mendenhall Lake freezes with a thick enough layer of ice, we can add that fifth unique location where we can ski under the face of a glacier and the surrounding craggy peaks.

Hoar frost

Hoar frost night skiing at Montana Creek

We’re pretty darned lucky here! Well, it’s more than just luck — it also takes some hard work by a dedicated set of volunteers as well as professionals to keep the various trails in such good shape in spite of the variable weather we live with.

This is an excellent time to segue to thanking many of you who have already sent in your memberships to JNSC. Your donations are what make it possible to run our groomers and to keep our equipment in good operating condition. For the rest of you, here’s a gentle reminder that it’s time to step up. A mere 25 bucks is all it takes to become a full-fledged member of our glorious club for an entire ski season (or 10 bucks for youth: click on “Become a Member” on our jnski.org website, and take it from there!). And while you’re at it, please spread the word about the excellent ski conditions. This is one secret it doesn’t pay to keep!

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Nordic Race – Jan. 11, 2014

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Thanks to all the skiers who turned out for the Nordic ski race at Eaglecrest on Jan 11th. It was the biggest Nordic race in Juneau in years, thanks to the 18 Devo Nordic skiers who came out along with parents and community members.

The final race results are listed below. A big apology to Naomi Welling, Devo skier who’s time was not included in the draft results that were published in the Empire. Naomi was second in the 5 K race. Also an apology to Will Coleman who was listed behind Kenny Fox, when in fact he finished 1 second ahead of Kenny. We are working to improve our timing and communication systems to get accurate results out as quickly as possible.

Thanks Juneau Empire for the coverage of the first race on Dec. 29th. See link below.

Nordic DEVO Team race results

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Race Results – 12/29/13

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Congratulations to all the skiers who came out for the season kick-off skate race at Eaglecrest on Dec. 29th.

Draft race results are below. We are still checking some of the times and there maybe corrections.

The next race will be Saturday, Jan 11th at Eaglecrest at 12 noon. Check back for more details.
All are welcome, no registration required.

4 K
Aaron Blust 14:36:00
Erin Wallace 15:24:00
Jack White 15:48:00
Noah Machakos 15:52:00
Estie Dawson 15:53:00
Jayden West 16:37:00
Connor Norman 17:24:00
Obadiah Dawson 19:15:00
Grace Newman 20:14:00
Maury Bell 21:58:00

8 K
Kenny Fox 26:20:00
Maddie Hall 27:33:00
Heidi Hall 28:41:00
William Wallace 39:48:00

12 K
Tristan Knutson-Lombardo 34:38:00
Guy Thibodeau 35:51:00
Dennis Hall 37:28:00
Dan Rondeau 38:13:00
Steve Rideout 40:15:00
Peter Ord 42:23:00
Paul Khera 44:15:00

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Welcome to the new ski season!

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With abundant signs of winter right in town during the past month, the 2013-2014 season has gotten off to an excellent start.  Our volunteer groomers have already been hard at work the past several weeks preparing the campground, the Mendenhall Lake (when sufficiently frozen), Montana Creek road and Eaglecrest Lower Loop.  When you see these folks out on the trails, make sure and let them know how much you appreciate their contributions.

Every season we meet more Juneau folks who are new to the sport. The nordic community in Juneau continues to grow with the 4H Devo Team enrolling 24 kids this year.  The team has been running and training in the gym all fall, and transitioned a few weeks ago to the snow for four sessions a week.  There are a number of top middle school and high school athletes on the team, and its pretty exciting to watch the team grow and thrive.  For the younger gang, the Sunday recreational 4H group is continuing its long history of introducing our Juneau youth (and often their parents who like to come out to help) to the wonderful sport of cross country skiing. The 4H has already distributed its ski gear to the kids and will be meeting weekly beginning in early January.  If your children are interested in joining up for this winter, please email JNSC soon for more information.

Please take a few moments and renew your JNSC membership for yourself and your family!

Our club is run completely by volunteers, who do everything from getting up in the dark to groom trails in a blizzard, to co-sponsoring races and events, and running the nuts and bolts of our non-profit organization.   Last year our grooming team kept us skiing on beautifully groomed trails for 110 straight days!  While we can’t promise a repeat of last season’s extraordinary conditions, we can promise that we will stretch your membership dollars a long way.  Just go to the “Become a Member” tab at the top of the page.

See you on the trails!

Bart Watson, President, and Tim Blust, Treasurer
Juneau Nordic Ski Club

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2013-14 Juneau Nordic Cup Race Schedule

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Here is the draft race schedule for 2013-14.   The race distance and technique will be announced by the volunteer race director prior to the race date. Check back for more information.

These races are created for skiers of all levels, with choices of different distances. They are very informal and are above all meant to be fun! So if you feel like burning off a little energy, just show up a little before the start and we’ll sign you up.

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JNSC wraps up successful grooming equipment fundraiser

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We made it!

Thanks to a heartwarming flood of contributions from a wide range of nordic skiers in the Juneau area, and spearheaded by a group of hardcore enthusiasts who stepped up to launch the drive with major gifts, JNSC hit its upwardly revised fundraising goal of $17,700 to purchase a new Scandic Skidoo snowmachine and accessory grooming equipment. Key to the success were especially generous donations from the Juneau Community Fund, the Pioneers of Alaska, the Jurasz Scudder Lingle Group/Merril Lynch, and the Juneau Emergency Medical Associates. For more details, please see the press release below issued by JCF and JNSC.

If you were one of the many donors, we want to express our sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire nordic skiing community here in Juneau. Your generosity is exceeded only by the amazing volunteer hours that the groomers put in day after day running the equipment over the trails, in every possible weather condition, to keep our skiing so consistently great. And if you didn’t have a chance to kick in for the equipment fundraiser, please don’t hesitate to buy your JNSC annual membership (a mere $25 per adult) to keep our operation and maintenance fund healthy.

What a wonderful community of skiers we have here in Juneau!


January 21, 2013


The Juneau Community Foundation and the Juneau Nordic Ski Club announced today that they have surpassed their fundraising target of $16,000 for the purchase of new cross country ski trail grooming equipment. A wide variety of local donors contributed to the fundraising drive and raised an additional $1,700 to cover the shipping and set-up costs of the equipment.

The new Skidoo Skandic snow machine has arrived in Juneau and has already been used on the Mendenhall Campground and Mendenhall Lake trails by volunteer operators from the Nordic Ski Club, according to the club’s president Bart Watson. Additional track grooming equipment is en route from the manufacturer.

“We are very grateful to our local Community Foundation for their guidance and support in this fundraiser, since this is a new kind of effort for us,” stated Watson. “In recent years, we have relied on volunteer memberships from the skiing public to fund our operations. Many thanks to the many generous skiers who stepped up to help us buy this sorely needed new equipment.”

The Community Foundation recently established a fund and contributed $2,500 in support of the JNSC’s efforts to raise $16,000 to purchase the new equipment. The Community Foundation funds, combined with $5,500 from the Nordic Ski Club presented the community with an $8,000 challenge match, according to Amy Skilbred, the foundation’s Executive Director.  Foundation challenge grants are aimed at stimulating numerous smaller donations from interested members of the public.

In additional donations from individuals, local businesses helped to meet the fundraising challenge with generous contributions.  Rebecca Brooks, Client Associate at the Jurasz Scudder Lingle Group (JSL) of Merrill Lynch, explained their group’s decision to make a donation to close the fundraising gap. “JSL finds the outdoor opportunities in this community a tremendous asset that enriches all of our lives.  We frequent the campground and the lake to ski, and without the dedication of the ski club and its volunteers, the groomed trails enjoyed by countless skiers simply wouldn’t be there.  It’s exciting to help the club grow their fleet to open more trails in Juneau.”

The club maintains groomed cross country ski trails at the Mendenhall Campground, the Mendenhall Lake and other locations in the Juneau area throughout the winter when snow conditions permit. All labor for the grooming is donated to the club by a team of dedicated volunteers. Funds for the oil, gas and maintenance of the equipment come from the annual membership of hundreds of Nordic skiers and other supporters. More information can be found at their website: jnski.org.

The Juneau Community Foundation is a local charitable organization established to make it easy for Juneau residents to donate to charitable causes they feel strongly about, such as local recreation programs, schools, scholarships, social services, arts and humanities, or other nonprofit agencies or projects, for more information visit juneaucf.org or call Amy Skilbred at 907-523-5450.


JNSC’s new Skandic snowmachine (above) and Ginzu groomer (below)

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